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If you have any questions, feel free to join our Discord server and ask there.

You are welcome to contribute to our open-source projects! 🤝

How to contribute?

You can find our repository by checking our GitHub and selecting the project you want to contribute to. Or you can just follow these links directly to the corresponding projects:

Step 1: Fork the repository 🍴

Fork the repository by clicking the "Fork" button on the top, right corner of the page. This will create a copy of the repository in your account.

Step 2: Clone the repository 🛎️

Now clone the forked repository to your machine. Go to your GitHub account, open the forked repository, click on the code button, and then click the copy to clipboard icon.

Open a terminal and run the following git command:

git clone "{URL you just copied}"

Step 3: Create a branch 🌿

Change to the repository directory on your computer (if you are not already there):

cd "project name"

Now create a branch using the git checkout command:

git checkout -b <your-new-branch-name>

Step 4: Make changes and commit 📝

Now open the project in your favorite code editor and make the required changes. You can use the git status command to check the changes.

Once you have made the changes, commit them.

Step 5: Push changes to GitHub 📤

Push your changes using the command git push:

git push origin add-your-branch-name

Step 6: Submit your changes for review 📩

If you go to your repository on GitHub, you will see a Compare & pull request button. Click on that button.

Now submit the pull request. After that, our team will review your code and merge it if it passes the tests.

Step 7: 🎉 Congratulations! 🎉

You have successfully made a contribution to this project. :>

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