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ChatFormatter Features โ€‹

Main Features โ€‹

  • PlaceholderAPI Support
  • MiniMessages Support with Legacy Colors Support!
  • Template System
  • Custom Placeholders System
  • Per permission miniMessages Tags (check permissions section)

๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ’ฌโš™๏ธ Main ChatFormatter Permissions โ€‹

NameDescriptionPermissions (Click to copy)
<bold>, <italic>, <underlined>, <strikethrough>, <obfuscated>Formatting tags: Use <bold>, <italic>, <underlined>, <strikethrough>, and <obfuscated> tags for formatting text.
<bold>Formatting tag for bold text: Use <bold> tag to make text bold.
<italic>Formatting tag for italic text: Use <italic> tag to make text italic.
<underlined>Formatting tag for underlined text: Use <underlined> tag to underline text.
<strikethrough>Formatting tag for strikethrough text: Use <strikethrough> tag to strikethrough text.
<obfuscated>Formatting tag for obfuscated text: Use <obfuscated> tag to obfuscate text.
<reset>Formatting tag to reset formatting: Use <reset> tag to reset formatting.
<gradient>Formatting tag for gradient text: Use <gradient> tag to apply gradient effect to text.
<hover>Formatting tag for hover text: Use <hover> tag to add hover functionality to text.
<click>Formatting tag for clickable text: Use <click> tag to make text clickable.
<insertion>Formatting tag for inserted text: Use <insertion> tag to insert predefined text.
<font>Formatting tag for font selection: Use <font> tag to select a specific font for text.
<transition>Formatting tag for transition effect: Use <transition> tag to apply a transition effect to text.
<lang>Formatting tag for translatable text: Use <lang> tag to mark text for language translation.
<selector>Formatting tag for selector text: Use <selector> tag to select specific text.
<key>Formatting tag for keybind text: Use <key> tag to represent a keybind.
<newline>Formatting tag for a new line: Use <newline> tag to add a new line.

๐ŸŽจ ChatFormatter Color Permissions โ€‹

NameDescriptionPermissions (Click to copy)
<red>, <blue>, etc.Color tags: <red>, <blue>, etc.
&a, &b, ..., &b, &l etc.Allows the use of legacy color codes, such as &c, &4, &l, etc.
<black>Formatting tag for black color: <black>.
<dark_blue>Formatting tag for dark blue color: <dark_blue>.
<dark_green>Formatting tag for dark green color: <dark_green>.
<dark_aqua>Formatting tag for dark aqua color: <dark_aqua>.
<dark_red>Formatting tag for dark red color: <dark_red>.
<dark_purple>Formatting tag for dark purple color: <dark_purple>.
<gold>Formatting tag for gold color: <gold>.
<gray>Formatting tag for gray color: <gray>.
<dark_gray>Formatting tag for dark gray color: <dark_gray>.
<blue>Formatting tag for blue color: <blue>.
<green>Formatting tag for green color: <green>.
<aqua>Formatting tag for aqua color: <aqua>.
<red>Formatting tag for red color: <red>.
<light_purple>Formatting tag for light purple color: <light_purple>.
<yellow>Formatting tag for yellow color: <yellow>.
<white>Formatting tag for white color: <white>.

๐Ÿค–๐Ÿ‘จโ€๐Ÿ’ป๐Ÿ’ฌ Command โ€‹

ChatFormatter only supports one command /chatformatter which reloads plugin.

Made by EternalCodeTeam with โค๏ธ!